There’s usually a few people asking us the same questions every year. So to make it simple for everyone here’s a list of commonly asked questions and answers.

Q: I’m under 18 but my older brother/sister/friend/uncle/dad etc etc has said that they will come with me as guardian (målsman). Does this mean I can come to electriXmas ??
A: The venue, Inkonst, has a strict age limit of 18. They do not accept under aged visitors either with or without a guardian (målsman). electriXmas has no control over this decision.
Q: I’m under 18 and have bought a ticket already. Then I read about the age restrictions. Can I get a refund?
A: Sorry, we can’t refund tickets. We recommend that you try selling your ticket. There’s usually people asking for extra tickets in the last weeks before the event.
Q: electriXmas has an age limit of 18. Do I need to bring ID to get in?
A: The venue, Inkonst, has a strict age limit of 18. You need to be able to provide a form of photo-ID which is valid in Sweden. For example a passport or drivers license or Swedish National ID card.
Q: I’ve bought a ticket from a friend but then heard that tickets are personal to the person who bought the ticket. Can I use the ticket?
A: Tickets are not personal in any way. However each ticket has a unique barcode which is scanned in at the door. Each ticket can only be used once, so a copied ticket will not get you in if the original has already been used. We recommend that you do not buy tickets from people you don’t trust.
Q: I’ve bought a ticket via the website but the email with the ticket never arrived. What should I do?
A: electriXmas uses an external agent for ticket sales. Please contact Tickster with your questions. Support via www.tickster.com/sv/support/ (swedish), or mail: support@tickster.com or telephone: +46 771-47 70 70
Q: Does the venue accept bank cards (VISA etc) at the bar?
A: In order to avoid queues at the bar and make things quicker and easier for everyone Inkonst will only be accepting CASH at the bars. Please note that you may be required to present ID when buying alcohol at the bar. 
Q: Can I get cash at the venue using my bank card ?
A: A cash machine will be available inside the venue at the cloakroom. Please note – You may be required to present ID when using your card to get cash.
Cash is also very useful when buying merchandise because most merch sellers only take cash!
Q: There’s usually a queue. Will there be problems getting into the venue in time?
A: electriXmas is a popular event with more than 600 visitors. This means that there will be a queue to get in, get your tickets scanned and check your coat/bag etc in at the cloakroom. To avoid missing your favourite bands we advise visitors to check the schedule and to come early!
Q: I suffer from epilepsy, will it be ok if I come to electriXmas?
A: It is normal during the festival that we use stage lighting effects including strobe lights. If you are at all sensitive to this type of lighting please consult your doctor before coming to the event. electriXmas cannot be responsible for any medical incidents caused by lighting and/or special effects.
Q: I’m in a wheelchair, does the venue provide disabled access?
A: Inkonst is a wheelchair friendly venue. We will do whatever we can to provide additional assistance with access for disabled persons. Please contact electriXmas @ Facebook in advance if you have any questions.


If you have additional questions which have not been answered here then please contact electriXmas @ Facebook.