Lineup now complete for eX 2016!

Well, we’ve been working tirelessly to finalise the lineup and now we’re good to go! As always we try to achieve a balance of styles within the ever broadening elecro/synth/darkwave/industrial/ebm spectrum. It’s always challenging to get the balance right (see what we did there!? ;)) but with so many quality artists to choose from we usually manage to find something for everyone!

So, the last two bands for this year to cover old-school EBM (with a twist) and more avant-garde darkwave/industrial…

Icelandic trio Legend who we’re delighted to welcome back to Malmö and electriXmas to make up for what would have been their debut show in Sweden in 2013.

And the hard-edged, aggressive, as-yet-unidentifed duo Wulfband, who will be sure to get the party jumping with their intense liveshow!

Check out more info on the Artists page!

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