Band Schedule

19.00 Doors Open
Bar Stage
19.30 – 20.05 HATARI (is)
20.20 – 20.55 NEONSOL (dk)
DJ’s will play all night in the Bar stage
20.30 Open main stage
Main Stage
21.00 – 21.50 MACHINISTA (se)
22.10 – 23.35 S.P.O.C.K (se)
24.00 – 01.20 DAS ICH (de)
03.00 Venue close



Just because there’s times when a band won’t be playing doesn’t mean the party has to stop!

This years DJ’s will bring you an eclectic mix of aggrotech, EBM, futurepop, synthpop, wave-noir and electro.

DJ Undine (se)
It all began in 2004. DJ Undine started flipping records at Mascot, where she introduced synthpop music, which actually turned out to be a quite success. She continued with DJ sets at, among others, Fat Club, Diz iz Elektro, Vogon Variety, Neostalgia, electriXmas and Freakshow in Göteborg. Dj Undine has also been seen on several psytrance parties in Malmö. She started with DJ-ing more synthpop-ish music, then turned more into futurepop and danceable tunes. The last 10 years she prefers playing more harsh artists such as Hocico, Suicide Commando, Grendel, Amduscia as well as dance friendly EBM. What’s most important is that people are dancing and having fun to the music. There will be lots of KÄNGDANS!




DJ Barbarella (no)
DJ Barbarella used to be a part of Hellfire Club in Trondheim, Norway and started Djing there. In recent years she has played for different clubs and events in Norway like Xelabration Festival, Elektrostat Festival, Pogo Loco, Shadowlove, Oslo Burlesque Festival, Carnie Cabooze, Altern80s, Club Forbidden and The Blackout. She also guested Infest Festival (UK), Slimelight (UK), Audio Convulsion (NL) and Unterwasser (NL). By doing a variety of styles she has been easily adaptable to different floors and events, but mostly focuses on a combination of techno, industrial/noise and future pop with a sprinkle of guilty pleasures. She has a good eye for finding the new treats and loves a good party!

Facebook DjBarbarella
Mixcloud DjBarbarella

Photo: Petter Elstad


DJ Manchine & DJ Primi (dk)

DJ Primi & DJ Manchine have made quite a name for themselves in Denmark during the last 20+ years, as promoters, musicians and DJs in Denmark. This year they started a new compilation series presenting the Danish electronic scene released by Læbel in Denmark, and at electriXmas they aim to make you dance with a good variation of beloved classics as well as new stuff. We come to party!

Photo: Dag Stinus


DJ Meistrich & DJ Selene (se)

DJs Meistrich & Selene have been spinning together for a number of years already & most recently at their own event in Malmö; Palais schaumburg playing an eclectic mix of synth, electronica, wave and post-punk.
For electriXmas they w
ill tune in some of the best classic and new wave music of all kinds for our ride, taking the wrong turn down the lost highway.

R.O.A.R. (Right of Admission Reserved)
The management reserve the right to change the lineup and schedule times without notice.