Electronic Frequency

The ELECTRONIC FREQUENCY project was formed in 2010 by Christian Kossat and Daniel Piepenburg (now no longer with the band), then later joined by Oliver Schulz. With the release of their debut album ‘Kampfraum Guben’ in late 2010 with songs like Deprived Area, Terrorism or Pedophile they chose to tackle societal criticism and defined the direction for ELECTRONIC FREQUENCY.
A brilliant combination of Dark Electro and EBM. An avalanche of distorted synths, hard-hitting snares, sensitive strings, fat beats, memorable sounds and insane lyrics.
The duo don’t want to deny their membership of the dark electro scene, but they don’t want to be locked into a certain category. ELECTRONIC FREQUENCY are always experimenting and combining and try to mark the scene with their own personal stamp. The release of their second album ‘Human Abyss’ in 2016 with harsh and aggressive dancefloor EBM saw them confirming their place in the scene.