Me The Tiger

ME THE TIGER was born in Falun, Sweden in 2012 and has already received great international attention after releasing their second album “Vitriolic”. In the summer of 2016, the band performed at some of Europe’s largest electronic festivals, including More Luna (Germany), Infest (England) and Nocturnal Culture Night (Germany).
In the autumn of 2017, the band will release their third album “What Is Beautiful Never Dies” and return to Europe for a release tour.
The lyrics and the band’s message is a central part of ME THE TIGER. In days when individualism thrives, the band wants to highlight the solidarity values and contribute to a fairer and warmer society. We live together and we have a shared responsibility to care for each other – regardless of class, ethnicity or gender.
Their skill, however, is the actual craftsmanship. ME THE TIGER know how to create pop tunes, balancing the tension between melodic content, hooks and lyrics.