SEEMING is equal parts transcendent pop and eco-tinged nihilism. Led by author/theorist/composer Alex Reed, the New York-based act broke out in 2014 with their debut single ‘The Burial’ and their first LP ‘Madness & Extinction’, earning an Album of the Year award from darkwave tastemakers IDieYouDie.
Having previously made four albums with the electro-postpunk ThouShaltNot, Reed sculpted SEEMING to be leaner, larger, and singleminded in its posthuman purpose: with pounding funeral drums, blaring brass, and synth melodies galore, this is music to conjure an apocalypse that you can dance to.
2017’s followup album ‘SOL: A Self-Banishment Ritual’ introduces 1970s funk and psychedelia into SEEMING’s sound, and it delivers on the promise Reed made -to craft grandiose, otherworldly music that speaks with radically progressive fervour to real 21st-century crises of politics, race, population, and animal rights. SEEMING dissents against the human world of the past and future: no one is safe.