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Apoptygma Berzerk

APOPTYGMA BERZERK were conceived in 1989 by Stephan Groth and Jon Erik Martinsen. In the beginning, they made their mark as a hard-hitting electro-goth-industrial outfit. Their first single ‘Ashes to Ashes’, released in 1991 on the Tatra label, was to be the launching point of their international career, with their […]


In a career spanning over fifteen years Daniel Myer has been connected to but never belonged to a host of scenes and styles. It is true to say that he has been one of the modern alternative electronic music scenes most prolific artists, initiating or contributing to a legion of […]

Me The Tiger

ME THE TIGER was born in Falun, Sweden in 2012 and has already received great international attention after releasing their second album “Vitriolic”. In the summer of 2016, the band performed at some of Europe’s largest electronic festivals, including More Luna (Germany), Infest (England) and Nocturnal Culture Night (Germany). In […]


SEEMING is equal parts transcendent pop and eco-tinged nihilism. Led by author/theorist/composer Alex Reed, the New York-based act broke out in 2014 with their debut single ‘The Burial’ and their first LP ‘Madness & Extinction’, earning an Album of the Year award from darkwave tastemakers IDieYouDie. Having previously made four […]

Electronic Frequency

The ELECTRONIC FREQUENCY project was formed in 2010 by Christian Kossat and Daniel Piepenburg (now no longer with the band), then later joined by Oliver Schulz. With the release of their debut album ‘Kampfraum Guben’ in late 2010 with songs like Deprived Area, Terrorism or Pedophile they chose to tackle […]