The final two artists announced!

electriXmas is delighted to at last be able to announce the final artists for this years lineup!
Yes, you read that right – not just one, but two bands! So this year you’ll be getting a total of six bands for the price of five!

Lights Of Euphoria (de/dk)
Lights of Euphoria formed in 1992, initially intended to be just a one-song project for the Body Rapture Volume II under the Zoth Ommog label. However, the club success of ‘Subjection’ was so immense that the band decided to forge ahead with their success. They released several singles in Europe including ‘Violent World’, ‘Fortuneteller’ and ‘True Life’, as well as seven full-length albums.
With a rhythmic quality that strongly hearkens to such well-respected bands as X Marks the Pedwalk and Front 242, Lights of Euphoria’s music is known for its heavy beat and playful style of sequencing. Their vocals are rough, but completely undistorted and totally legible, which in itself is a source of distinction in a genre where distortion is often the name of the game.

Empathy Test (uk)
Empathy Test is childhood friends Isaac Howlett and Adam Relf. Inspired by ’90s bands, underground dance music and ’80s sci-fi soundtracks, the London based duo combine a knack for writing instantly memorable pop hooks with ’80s analogue synth samples and intricate, cinematic soundscapes.

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The next two artists announced…

electriXmas is delighted to announce the next two artists to this years lineup. Including a special 30 year anniversary show from the legendary DIVE!

DIVE (be)
Belgian electronic pioneer Dirk Ivens, also known for his work with Dive / Sonar / Absolute Body Control, Blok 57, S/HE, Motor!k and ex-singer of The Klinik, celebrates 30 years DIVE with a best of tour. 
30 years of DIVE must be celebrated , presenting the highlights on stage…
3 decades dark minimalist electro-art performances, armed with a megaphone and backing tape.
3 decades one man project. Less means more. No strobes – no show.


Belgian band The Juggernauts are one of the rejuvenators of the classic Electronic Body Music sound. Harder edged but with familiar influences from the likes of pioneers Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb.

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Promenade Cinema

electriXmas has a habit of bringing new artists to Sweden, and this year is no exception!
Promenade Cinema blew us away at Infest Festival last year, so we just had to make sure that they were booked for their debut show in Sweden at this years electriXmas!

Promenade Cinema released their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Living Ghosts’ in 2018 and are currently working on the next instalment. The new tracks possess the same classic feel that fans know and love from ‘Living Ghosts’, but with a sharper, modern edge.
Promenade Cinema will return to live performances in the autumn of 2019 with a select few shows, including London, Manchester, and their first venture to Malmö, Sweden, for electriXmas where audiences will experience a taster first hand of the new music to come!

electriXmas 2019 first bands announced!

We’re out early this year with electriXmas! This years lineup is still being put together, but we have the first two artists for you already.

DAF (de)
Many things have been said about this band: they were called the “godfathers of techno,” the pioneers of EBM and the forefathers of electropunk. Yet they only laugh coolly and remain tight-lipped in the face of any attempt to historicise them. Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft – better known as DAF – is a myth.
DAF’s militaristic aspect is only broken by their attitude of denial, which invites us to dance in the dark with them and to follow Delgado-López’s rhythmic movements – even if he seems to be dancing entirely for himself. Perhaps it is that contradiction itself that renders this duo so eternal.

DAF at M’era Luna Festival 2017 – Photo: Daniela Vorndran

Promenade Cinema (uk)
A modern synthpop duo from the UK. Influenced by the early pioneers of electronic music, together with dramatic film scores and soundtracks, you will find them captivating audiences with ‘danceable darkwave’ and striking multi-layered vocals. Memorable hooks and opulent melodies will take you on a musical voyage covering a wide variety of emotion and imagery.

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As usual, tickets for electriXmas are only available online via this website. We are of course keeping with tradition & there are a limited number of earlybird tickets available.