Schedule & DJs

Artists Schedule

Pay attention to the schedule and make sure you arrive in good time to be able get into the venue, check your coats and make it to the stage!

Check out the Artists page for more information about the bands.

Main Stage
19:00Venue open
19:50 – 20:30Capital X
20:40 – 21:20SoftWave
21:30 – 22:20Promenade Cinema
22:30 – 23:30Karin Park
23:45 – 01:00SIERRA
01:00Main stage close (Bar stage with DJs remains open all night)
03:00Venue close
Stage times are approximate and may change on the night without notice


Just because there’s times when a band won’t be playing doesn’t mean the party has to stop! This years DJs will bring you an eclectic mix of EBM, synthpop, synth wave, wave-noir and electro. Our DJs will be playing all night in the Bar stage from 19:00 to 03:00.

MRGREY Started playing synth at parties in the late 80s, when he started in Lund he felt that something new had to happen on the synth scene in Lund and teamed up with Steve Nilsson, and was also one of the founders behind electriXmas as well as Neostalgia in Grove! When Neostalgia left Lund, MRGREY played in the clubs at DEEP, Neon and 90’s in Malmö, but of course also in the very heart of Neostalgia and the nostalgia parties! MRGREY is looking for big hooks and hypnotic beats for the dance floor! He never stands still and releases Alexpop!

DJ MALWARE has been a resident DJ of the Danish Club Braincorp based in Copenhagen for many years. She has an eclectic taste in music and a broad experience of genres, playing anything from Darkwave, EBM, Post Punk, to harder edged electronic. Expect to hear a good mixture of new and old tracks, especially from female fronted artists such as Minuit Machine, Tempers, Abu Nein, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Buzz Kull, Eurythmics, Bedless Bones, Lebanon Hanover and Linera Aspera.

PTH is an organiser and resident DJ of club vanGuardia in Malmö. PTH started DJ:ing in 2010 and has a penchant for EBM and aggrotech. At this year’s event he will exclusively play songs by artists who have previously performed at electriXmas as his way of honouring the past.

The management reserve the right to change the lineup and schedule times without notice.