Hocico HOCICO began in late ’93 when Erk Aicrag and Racso Agroyam, submerged in a world where violence is routine and where human relationships become more and more distant, became incited to express their feelings through technology. They embraced intimately the harsh digital musical electronics and aggressive vocal and lyrical expression that give rise to their music and concept today. It can truly be said that this band has inspired a generation and have been instrumental in creating a distinct sound which has come to be known as ‘Hellektro’,  ’Aggrotech’ or ‘Terror EBM’, and has been imitated by many.
We are very proud to invite HOCICO to the electriXmas stage!


Synthpop, the final frontier… This is the continuing voyage of S.P.O.C.K Their on-going mission: to explore strange new tunes, to seek out new life forms and new festivals, to boldly go where no band has gone before!
Since the launchdate in 1988, Swedens greatest sci-fi synthpop heroes S.P.O.C.K have been bringing the world an eclectic mix of electronica. Together with such bands as Page, Elegant Machinery, Sista Mannen På Jorden and Kiethevez, S.P.O.C.K helped to define the sound of the Swedish synthpop movement. Despite their last full length album now over ten years behind them they have continued to beam down for live performances.
electriXmas are delighted to welcome S.P.O.C.K to the stage, and on this occasion – with a world exclusive performance of new material!


Tyske Ludder In the beginning of the 90′s TYSKE LUDDER set the course for their work as pioneers in the european EBM and Dark-Electro scene. Coming up from the New-Wave and New-Romantic scene they established very early their meditations on the predominance of technology in our society. Through the years their musical model progressed from heavy Electro sounds to some kind of ominous dance music somewhere between Industrial and the aroma of a nuclear blast. In a unique melting procedure, the band around vocalist Albert-X was again and again able to produce avant-industrial dimensions of sound. We can be sure they’re going to bring the house down!


Code 64 The swedish/norwegian electropop trio CODE 64, exploded back into the scene with their highly successful album “Trialogue” in 2010 after a long break from the spotlight. Initially formed in Lysekil, Sweden by the teenagers Christian Espeland, Hans-Olof Mattsson and Henrik Piehl, Code 64 had several international hit singles and albums like “Storm”, “Without You”, “Leaving Earth” and “Departure”. When Henrik split with the band in 2006, they went deep underground until, through a lucky shot, norwegian singer/producer Bjørn Marius Borg joined the band in 2008. Since then, the band has been a tightly knit unit creating Epic Electropop without compromise. Code 64′s music is now more eclectic than ever, delivering high-energy shows creating an intimate yet powerful atmosphere both within the audience and on stage.


Necro Facility With the release of their 3rd studio album on Swedish label Progress Productions NECRO FACILITY have received critical acclaim and established a sound that they can call their own. The band began their career writing songs that were basically modern and accessible versions of Skinny Puppy’s early sound. In a surprise move, with the release of the album “Wintermute”, NECRO FACILITY have not only moved so far away from their initial direction (and so suddenly), but they have actually succeed in releasing an excellent hybrid of electro pop and Puppy-ish industrial. The beats are solid and varied, and the electronics provide a cold, yet memorable, foundation. It’s a sound that still owes much to the Puppy blueprint, but it’s also much more than that. Be sure not miss them!

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