Final artist for electriXmas 2023!

We’re delighted to be able to round of this years lineup with one of Sweden’s foremost female artists. Expect something special when we welcome her to the electriXmas stage!

KARIN PARK has been referred to as the Scandinavian Nico for her persona, but her talents are considerably more. Having performed with such icons as Lana Del Rey and David Bowie among others, she expresses herself not only through music but also through perfumery and fashion as forms of art.
Heavily into synths, hugely inspired by Fad Gadget and a lot of the other Daniel Miller signings for Mute in the early 80s it took a while for KARIN PARK to find her feet. “I love pop music but I always need to dig deeper, evolve and find new territory. I easily move from Throbbing Gristle to Beyonce and back again.”
Now touring on the back of her 2022 album ‘Church Of Imagination’, her first in five years, we sense the influence of Scott Walker, Massive Attack and Nico. But it is Karin’s ability to use different elements to tell her stories that sets her apart. 

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Next two artists for electriXmas 2023!

There’s a lot going on still here at electriXmas HQ, but we’re now delighted to be able to announce the next two artists for this years lineup!

PROMENADE CINEMA invoke ‘danceable darkwave’ with memorable hooks and opulent melodies, striking a perfect balance between brooding synthwave, euphoric electro-pop and emotional synthetic orchestration.

With incredible albums of intricate storytelling and gorgeous synth work the English duo PROMENADE CINEMA is set to become one of the best modern synthpop bands in the world.
If you missed their last performance at electriXmas in 2019 then now’s your chance again! We’re delighted to welcome PROMENADE CINEMA back to the electriXmas stage!

SOFTWAVE is a prominent synth-pop duo from Denmark known for their distinctive sound and evocative lyrics. Established in 2014, inspired by Erasure, they released their debut EP in 2016 “Together Alone”. Since then they have released two albums as well as a string of singles and EPs.
Comprising members Catrine Christensen and Jerry Olsen, SOFTWAVE has gained international acclaim for their ability to create music that resonates deeply with listeners. With a string of successful releases and a dedicated fan base, SoftWave continues to push the boundaries of the synth-pop genre.

We’re delighted to welcome PROMENADE CINEMA & SOFTWAVE to the electriXmas stage!

More artists will be announced soon. Check out the Artists page for more details.

As usual, tickets for electriXmas are only available online – via this website, or our ticket agent. Check the tickets page for more info and purchasing options.